Relentless improvement of process by observation, thought, and intervention.

“By dissecting the process, Useful Rocket Science was able to identify the key factors that were derailing our process and act as a catalyst to devise changes that resulted in immediate business impact. We were able to reduce our new order fulfillment cycle time by 65%. That not only improved customer satisfaction, but had immediate improvements to our financials.”

Duke Skarda / Fmr. CTO / The Planet

Our Services

Useful Rocket Science performs three key business functions, and we execute on them well: 


Our Approach:

  • Creating the destination vision
  • Define the route and roadmap
  • Guide development of a weekly operations review
  • Create the dashboard
  • Facilitate “instrumentation” feedback

Random Text

"Boyd Bell brings a whole new mindset to operations analysis and tracking that creates real and meaningful results. His mastery of statistical process control has been extremely helpful to two wildly different companies I’ve run - one in telecommunications and one in financial services. Boyd is smart, intuitive, versatile, and dedicated, and I would recommend his company without reservation to any businessperson serious about improving the trajectory of their organization."

Dave Maney / Founder / Worldbridge Broadband Services, Headwaters MB, Deke Digital

Performance across a variety of verticals

Client: Large Cable Company


  • Successfully implemented an “Ops Science” approach to monitoring and fixing their network common cause issues
  • Based on successes achieved we were asked to assist in other areas (local engineering and call center escalations)


  • Client was struggling launching new service deliver platform
  • Were in reaction mode and were not using data in an efficient way to identify common cause variation

Client:  Healthcare Company


  • Conducted a data & process assessment
  • Provided corrective action plan that resulted in immediate results
  • Organization sponsor identified the URS work as “a game changer” and our framework was quickly replicated to additional departments


  • Project management experiencing project delays inability to  forecast delivery
  • Operational metrics were not actionable nor driving improvement

Client: Talent Management Services Business


  • Built a focused strategy and wrote business plan
  • Enabled business to successfully invest & grow
  • Implemented new business disciplines to improved overall business health and removed the need for external capital


  • Assist upstart company to evaluate current business strategy, business plan and operations
  • Provide recommendations to help company grow

Client: Internet Service Provider


  • Identified 31% of failures to one common customer and transaction type.
  • Provided framework to transform raw data to useable and actionable information


  • Asked to improve processing time  –   key performance indicator
  • Client researched issue for several months and unable to improve metric

Client: Data Center Services Provider


  • Developed strategic plan for new business unit in 3 days
  • Created a clear roadmap for the year that was both strategic and operational
  • Customer was extremely satisfied and said they never had a strategic plan as valuable in their career


  • Business unit less than a year old and was struggling with all the options they could take the business plan
  • Based on past experience with this client they decided to bring in URS to assist in developing their strategic plan

Client: Large Public School System


  • Successfully moved the MSP Server platform from concept and theory to implementation and use
  • Developed technical and methodology roadmap
  • Mentored and coached personnel


  • Client was struggling for extended period of time attempting to implement MSProject Server
  • Asked to evaluate project management strategy and build a roadmap

Client:  Web Hosting Company


  • Developed & implemented a change management process
  • 11 systems reduced to 2
  • Identified 80% of network capacity constraints to 22 ports (client previously viewed 1600 reports daily and was unable to isolate a focal point)


  • Noticeable outages occurred due to Network Change Activity
  • Company had outgrown ad hoc methods

Client:  Middle Market Investment Bank


  • Streamlined work process
  • Expanded IT strategy


  • Asked to evaluate operations processes
  • Provide IT strategy recommendation
  • Optimize operations performance and improve efficiencies to product progress

Client: Energy Management Company


  • Developed strategic plan with focused market analysis
  • Assisted improvement of balance sheet to restructure existing liabilities to enable growth


  • Long standing family run business looking to leverage focus on energy efficiency trends
  • In order to grow the business a strategic plan that provides federal government energy management software

A Message from Our Founder

boyd sq

I’ve spent more than 25 years working in consulting, operations, management, IT risk and compliance management, project and program management, and process management — and that time has taught me a great deal about the ingredients of success (and failure) in most any business operation.

When I founded Useful Rocket Science in 2008, my mission was simple: to apply my brand of business analysis to help companies drive business performance in a focused, meaningful, and measurable way.

In my experience, many organizations tend to treat analysis as an academic exercise, producing large volumes of data that tend to be interesting, not actionable. My team and I take a different approach — and “relentless improvement of process” is more than a tagline, it’s a way of life. In our worldview, data needs to be more than interesting: it should tell you exactly what you need to know in order to get out of your chair and take positive action.

We provide business management discipline, proven frameworks, and maniacal execution. The methods we use are tried and true and our team is well versed in practicing them over many years and across a wide variety of industries.

We would love the opportunity to apply what we know to your enterprise. 

Best regards,

Useful Rocket Science

Random Text

"Boyd came in with very little to work with and was able to document our current change process and provided a proposed change process to better fit our business needs. His documentation was thorough and precise and his work ethic is top notch."

Deann Evans / Sr. Project Manager / VMware

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